Popular Roofing Product Brands Get New Ownership

Since acquiring Gardner-Gibson, known as the makers of APOC, this company has only increased its market presence. We caught up with the firm's representatives at the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans.

Bradford Randall, Former Associate Editor

March 17, 2022

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APOC, a brand previously owned by Gardner-Gibson, has been under new ownership since an acquisition by ICP Building Group.
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Its been over a year since Gardner-Gibson, the maker of APOC coatings and sealants, was acquired by ICP Building Group, and since then the company has only increased their market share of the roofing products industry.

Representatives from ICP Building Group said they were still celebrating the acquisition of Gardner-Gibson over a year after the deal was finalized.

“Obviously we’ve kind of grown over the last year,” said John Walker, who was an APOC technical manager in the product’s waterproofing division before the acquisition. “We got acquired a little over a year ago by ICP and now we’re all one happy family.”

Walker said the acquisition has allowed access to product lines like Polyset foam adhesives, which is another brand in ICP’s roofing portfolio.

“So, for me as a technical guy, being able to have all of that, and now we’re actually additionally working on vapor barriers,” Walker said. “So we’ll have a full building envelope from Earth to foundation.”

Since acquiring Gardner-Gibson in January of 2021, ICP has only increased their presence in the roofing products market. Several months later, they followed-up their acquisition of the APOC brand by acquiring Choice Adhesives, a leader in custom adhesive solutions.

“Choice Adhesives has long brought innovative adhesive product technology to the market and has maintained strong relationships with their customers for decades,” said Doug Mattscheck, President and CEO of the ICP Group, after the deal with Choice Adhesives was struck.

“With the addition of Choice Adhesives to the ICP BSG family, we’ll be enhancing our position in the roofing adhesive market to better serve our professional customers,” Mattcheck said.

According to ICP’s website, Choice Adhesives also provides solvent-based, water-based, aerosol and hot-melt adhesives to a variety of markets and applications, including high-pressure laminate, furniture, woodworking, insulation, foam fabricating, recreational vehicles and footwear.

ICP Building Group has been attacking a larger market share in the roofing products industry. Their logo was displayed at the 2022 International Roofing Expo in New Orleans.

At the International Roofing Expo in February, Walker said ICP had an increased presence to highlight their growth.

“That’s why the huge booth and the trailer, to kind of say, APOC is still here, all of the products that you love are still here, and that line is still growing,” Walker said. “But now altogether we’re a much larger company and out there trying to attack a larger market share.”

Gardner-Gibson, a Tampa based company, has long been known as one of the leading providers of liquid-applied roof coatings, roofing products, driveway sealers and specialty paint. They have manufacturing and distribution facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

When the acquisition was announced, Gardner-Gibson’s CEO said the move would take the company to new levels of success.

“We’re looking forward to working together and delivering more value to our customers, retail partners and distributors for years to come,” said Sean Hyer, CEO of Gardner-Gibson. “It’s an exciting time to be at Gardner-Gibson as we enter this new era of innovation and product expansion with ICP.”

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