6 Top Utility Knives Selected by Construction Pros

These models have that special something that makes it worth spending slightly more to gain function or ease of use.

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April 26, 2024

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Nearly every trade and home has a use for a utility knife. While basic in concept, the best utility knives are super handy and really can make your job easier. So, whether you’re cutting up boxes on recycling day, removing sealant or any of dozens of construction jobs, take a look at these top candidates and see if there’s something on the list that suits your needs.

Here’s the deal—you can pick up a cheap utility knife and it will work just fine in most cases. What we're focusing on are the ones that set themselves apart from the norm. Each of these models has that special something that makes them worth spending a few more dollars on to gain function or ease of use that you won’t find on entry-level options.

Top Picks

  • Best folding: Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1502

  • Best snap off: OLFA 18mm Auto Locking MXP-AL

  • Best for drywall: Milwaukee Fixed Blade 48-22-151

  • Best for construction: Gerber Prybrid 31-003745

  • Best with unexpected features 1: ToughBuilt Utility Knife/Scraper TB-H4S5-01

  • Best with unexpected features 2: ToughBuilt Reload TB-H4S2-03

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