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Class was in session for Watershape University at the 2021 PSP/Deck Expo.

Rachel Williams, Former Chief Editor

November 22, 2021

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At the 2021 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, co-located with Deck Expo (PSP/Deck Expo), Watershape University held three pre-show education courses—Advanced Watershape Construction, Advanced Fluid Engineering and Essential Principles of Design Workshop.

Here is a look at those.

Advanced Fluid Engineering 

This 16-hour program, led by Dave Penton, president of Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa Inc, and David Peterson, president/CEO of Watershape Consulting, Inc., provided detailed instruction in fluid engineering for custom pools, spas, and other types of watershapes. 

The course helped:

  • Define the meaning and scope of advanced hydraulics, hydrology, and fluid dynamics design, including complex gravity-fed and water-in-transit systems.

  • Detail water-in-transit engineering including vanishing edges, slot-edges, gutters, and water features.

  • Demonstrate the use of the WatershapeAdvisor® series of software worksheets, including surge basin design, gravity and drainage systems, channels, lazy rivers, level-bottom slot channels, and more.

  • Practice analyzing vanishing edge and slot-edge pool and spa combinations, as a class project.

Advanced Watershape Construction

This three-day program was presented sequentially by experts from each trade—Peterson; Bill Drakeley, principal and founder Drakeley Pool Company; Charles Hanskat, P.E., executive director and technical director for the American Shotcrete Association; Paolo Benedetti, owner, Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa and Rick Chafey, owner, Red Rock Contractors, Red Rock Pools and Spas and Red Rock Design—unifying all watershaping technical disciplines into a manageable and disciplined process.

During this course, attendees:

  • Reviewed site work including gravity plumbing, soil stabilization, pier and beam foundations, advanced site work and forming, and control and automation systems.

  • Identified mechanical, venting and exhaust systems, and automation/control systems.

  • Examined architecturally integrated watershapes, concrete science, fire elements and glass-tile installation.

  • Considered innovative aesthetic details, technical solutions to unique challenges and construction strategies at difficult sites.

Essential Principles of Design Workshop

In this hybrid 16-hour course, students learned to apply basic concepts to create beautiful spaces that connect with the surrounding environment, invigorate the spirit and invite exploration.

The first eight hours of this program were completed online with the rest done on-site as a workshop led by Kurt Kraisinger, owner LORAX Design Group and Michael Nantz, the principal and founder of Elite Concepts, Inc.

In this course, students learned to:

  • List architectural elements of design including point, line, shape, space, texture, color and form.

  • List architectural principles of design including balance, hierarchy/emphasis, repetition, rhythm, proportion/scale, movement, contrast and unity/harmony, variety, pattern, and negative space.

They also discussed design vocabulary, space programming and adjacency, design theory visual design basics, pool design trends and site features and the Blue Ocean Strategy—and applied elements and principles of design to an in-class project.

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