Video: Helping Precast Manufacturers Retain Workforces

In the world of precast concrete manufacturing, the industry is most interested in hiring and maintaining a strong workforce. Read about how the National Precast Concrete Association can help your precast manufacturing business retain workers.

Bradford Randall, Former Associate Editor

July 27, 2022

Workforce development is one of the top priorities for the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), and the organization created a new department to deal exclusively with workforce development and onboarding.

"Workforce is a challenge for all manufacturing industries in this sector, so we are not alone," said NPCA President Fred Grubbe. "But each manufacturing sector comes up with its own unique solutions."

In the world of precast concrete manufacturing, Grubbe said, the industry is most interested in hiring and maintaining a strong workforce. He said NPCA has begun partnering with local organizations, universities and community colleges to develop ongoing relationships that will attract young people to the precast manufacturing sector.

NPCA is responsive to concerns about the retention of recruited young workers, Grubbe continued, and the organization has changed its approach to onboarding. 

"We extend the orientation from a one-day event to an ongoing, one-year approach," he said. "And we have carefully set out the expectations, the behaviors, the cultures that each company will be dealing with." 

He said NPCA's onboarding approach is customized to different companies in different situations. 

"But we give them that template and the tools that they can then use to incorporate into their onboarding program," Grubbe said.

Watch Grubbe's full interview, conducted by WOC360 Editor Bill Palmer, by clicking the video embedded in this article. Click here to view WOC360's library of 2022 Influencer Series Videos.

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Bradford Randall

Former Associate Editor, WOC360

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