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Automating Your Pool, Spa Marketing

Communication is essential to the success of maintaining existing client relationships while keeping your pipeline filled with new leads.

Bruce Porter

November 14, 2021

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Customer Management Relationship

Every pool builder across the country is either inundated with leads, booked up through the 2022 season with confirmed projects or still has room for more new clients.

In addition, the pandemic has affected the pool and spa industry positively, producing a significant influx of new clients. Pool builders are currently faced with having to complete signed contracts with a shortage of materials, equipment, and labor with no end in sight. Managing your existing clients and new leads that come in can be challenging to say the least. Having the right systems in place can alleviate the stress of having to communicate effectively with your clients.

Communication is essential to the success of maintaining existing client relationships while keeping your pipeline filled with new leads. There has never been a better time to become more strategic with your inbound and outbound marketing.

Embracing technology to automate your communication to existing clients as well as new clients is no longer a nice to have. It is essential for the success of your sustainment and growth. CRM systems have been around for quite some time and are becoming more popular than ever before. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management—and the systems do just that. CRM technology has been around for many years but was only embraced by large companies due to the need for dedicated resources and program difficulty. As with all technology enhancements, today’s CRM systems are intuitive, easy to use, and affordable.

Imagine just sending an SMS message to your client instead of calling them just to let them know you will be at the job site today. Something so simple can reduce time so you can grow your business.How convenient would it be for an automated email to go out when someone fills out a form on your website for a service appointment or a FREE quote.You may have something similar to this right now that provides a single function, but do you have one dashboard that controls all communication in and out of your business?

Having the right CRM system for your business can automate many everyday functions to help eliminate the day-to-day stress and help you grow your business. With stress levels only increasing, you need systems to provide automated communication for both inbound and outbound marketing. There are many CRM systems available today, and you should research which is best suited for your business needs.

They have options of monthly and yearly contracts for every budget. It is more important to choose a CRM system that fits your need, provides a solution to your problem and helps you grow your business.

About the Author(s)

Bruce Porter

President/Chief Marketing Officer, SWAT Marketing Solutions

Bruce Porter is the CEO and founder of SWAT Marketing Solutions. With over 35 years of traditional to digital marketing experience, he has led strategic marketing initiatives for several large corporations specializing in connecting businesses with clients utilizing strategic digital technology. Before forming SWAT, he spent the last 10 years of his career as director of marketing for Hayward Pool Products. He was responsible for the complete marketing ecosystem, building over 3,000 partner websites, increasing traffic by over 300% and turning clicks into leads.

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