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Eye-catching Windows to Inspire Your Next Project

Consider these three unique window shapes to bring clients' homes in line with modern trends and provide long-lasting resilience against the elements.

Clare Stopher

October 17, 2022

3 Slides

For clients looking to update their homes with modern trends in mind, consider these three unique windows to leave a lasting impression.

Having unique-shaped or modern-sized windows can help your clients’ houses stand out in a competitive housing market. Additionally, as studies continue to show the benefits of natural light on a person’s quality of life, homebuyers and business owners are more closely considering their window choices.

Check out the slideshow for three window options to spark inspiration for replacement and new-construction clients looking to brighten up their space and make their home or business more modern looking.



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Clare Stopher

Freelance Writer

Clare Stopher writes on a variety of subjects across many industries, including work on her own blog and as a guest author on her favorite success coach's blog. She also recently began drafting a screenplay. If Clare isn't writing, she can be found working as an office concierge and bartender, taking an acting class, playing tennis or basketball, traveling or attending French class.

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