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5 Above-Ground Pool Liners for Protection and Design

A plain blue liner is far from the only option for pools these days, with decorative options delivering the looks of tile, stone and more.

Katy Tomasulo

April 28, 2023

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Liners for above-ground pools play a crucial functional role, of course, but with a range of available designs, they also can be used to enhance the overall look of the pool. Along with traditional blue colors, pattern options abound, such as mosaic tiles, scales, shimmering, stones and more. You also can choose a solid color for the pool sides with a stone or shimmering look for the bottom.

In addition to appearance, there are several installation types to choose from. According to manufacturer SwimLine, overlap liners, which hang over the pool wall, are the most economical but typically are limited to solid patterns. Beaded liners, which snap in place, are the easiest to replace and offer an evenness that’s suitable for decorative graphics like tile border looks. Unibead liners are the most versatile, with a two-in-one feature that allows them to be used as a J-hook or beaded.

Here are five options to consider.

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