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On a Need-to-Know Basis: Influential Pool & Spa Products and People

You won’t want to miss the latest up-and-coming products and people you should know that are for the pros and have been recognized by the pros.

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Hosts of Pool Nation Podcast hold awards
Pool Nation Podcast

It is arguable by the hosts of the Pool Nation podcast that the pool industry hasn’t changed much in the way of innovative and new products in years. It is especially arguable by host Edgar De Jesus that there are people who have worked in the industry for decades and go without any recognition. Thus enters the idea for the Pool Nation Awards.

“The idea for the awards,” De Jesus said, “was put out to be for any pool pro, not just those belonging to an association or group, to be able to receive an award from Pool Nation.”

According to De Jesus, he and his co-hosts go to their Instagram platform every year and say, “Let’s start talking about the awards for this year. Give us the categories you want; do you like the ones from last year? Which ones do we change? Which ones do we add?” After they get the categories, the hosts turn it back over to the pros to nominate people. The hosts then tell Pool Nation: “Now that you’ve nominated all these people, it’s time to vote for them. It’s important for us to recognize people.”

When asked what the awards mean to him, De Jesus told us about Bob Lowry, a chemist, writer and entrepreneur who served the pool industry for decades but never received a single award until he received the lifetime achievement award from Pool Nation. “It really hurt, and that was really the turning point where we said, we see this trend—that’s what drives the passion behind it.”

De Jesus tells us that two things set the Pool Nation Awards apart from any other awards in the industry:

  1. The pool pros are choosing who to nominate and they’re the ones voting.

  2. Their mentality that they go big or go home.

We then asked De Jesus what he thought will set nominees apart. “If you have a sales rep who has a great relationship with their pool pros, that’s going to make them get out there and vote,” he said.

We had the opportunity to talk with Bryan Chrissan, district sales manager at Hayward. We asked him what it felt like to attend the award ceremony to celebrate others, only to realize during the event that others had nominated him for his work too. He responded, saying, “To have the opportunity to read the nominees is nice; it’s great to have a part in this. Then to be recognized and known for the industry; it’s nice to see that somebody is looking at what we’re doing when we’re working so many hours a day.”

When looking toward the PSP/Deck Expo in November, Chrissan says it's one of his favorites because you get everybody who doesn’t normally attend other shows. He says he thinks there is more information at the international show than at any of the other ones that are out there, even on a regional level. He adds that “It’s where we all see each other. It's like a class reunion or family reunion. It's what makes the show fun. We work the floor; we go hang out.”

Pool & Spa Pro wants to congratulate all the nominees.

You may vote for your favorite nominee in any category from Thursday, Sept. 1 through Saturday, Oct. 15. The Pool Nation Awards will be held on Nov. 16 at the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo™, co-located with Deck Expo in Las Vegas.


And the Nominees Are…

Best Value Automation

Easy Touch PL4 and PSL4 Pool and Spa Control Systems by Pentair

iAquaLink IQ904-PS Bundle by Jandy

Omni PL Smart Pool and Spa Control by Hayward

Favorite Net

Piranha Pool Products

Red Baron by Purity Pool

Distributor of the Year

Heritage Pool Supply Group

HornerXpress, Inc.

Pool Water Products (PWP)

SCP Distributors

Best Residential Filter of the Year

Crystal Water by Waterway

DEV DE Filter by Jandy

FNS Plus by Pentair

Pipeline Filter by AquaStar

SwimClear by Hayward

Salt System of the Year

AquaRite by Hayward

AutoPilot Salt System by AquaCal

Chlorine Genie by Ultimate Water

Intellichlor by Pentair

Powerclean Salt Chlorinator by CMP

TruClear by Jandy

Favorite Test Kit

ColorQ by LaMotte

eXact iDip by ITS

K2005 Complete Kit by Taylor

PoolLab 1.0

WaterLink Spin Touch by Lamotte

Variable Speed Pump of the Year

Intelliflo by Pentair

TriStar VS by Hayward

VS PlusHP Pump by Jandy

Favorite Vac System


Rip Tide SL and XP

The Bottom Feeder

The VacDaddy

Automation of the Year

Aqualink RS Pool & Spa Automation System by Jandy

IntelliCenter by Pentair

Omnilogic Smart Pool and Spa Control by Hayward

Heater of the Year

AVIA Pool & Spa Heater by Raypak

JXi Pool & Spa Heater by Jandy

MasterTemp High-Performance Pool and Spa Heater by Pentair

Universal HC Series by Hayward

Innovative Product of the Year

AquaRite S3 Salt System by Hayward

AVIA Pool & Spa Heater by Raypak

Cyclone Filter Cleaning System

Double-07 Skimmer by Thursday Pools

MultiCyclone by Waterco

Pipeline Filter by Aquastar

Spa Electric Retro R10 Lights

The Attendant by Poolside Tech

Best Truck Wrap

Big Family Pools

Blue Desert Pools

C&E Pristine

Dedicated Pool Service

Lucky Duck Pools

Pool Guardians

Pool Troopers

Sales Rep of the Year

Brandon Sheehan, Fluidra

Bryan Chrissan, Hayward

David Gilbreath, Hasa

Jim Miron, Fluidra

Korey Wax, Alpha West

Mike Adams, Fluidra

Nick Johnson, Hayward

Pool Guy of the Year

Chris Mele, Pool Guardians

Dean Ouellette, Big Family Pools

Dudley Adams, Pool Troopers

Garrett Gonzales, Blue Desert Pools

Jan Ocasio, Ocasio’s Pools

Josh Fletcher, Collins Pool Management

Michael Krause, First Response Pools

Pool Girl of the Year

Amber Blaustein, Amber Sparkling Pools

Amy Bailey, Pelican Pool Service & Repair

Kristen Clancy, Pool Gal Houston

Lindsey Brown, Oasis Pool Management

Michelle Watson, Shell’s Pool Service

Sabrina Salem, Structure Studios

Shea Pulte, Pool Troopers

Pool Company of the Year, 250 Pools or Less

Better Call Sal Pools

Big Family Pools

Blue Desert Pools

First Response Pool Services

Round Rock Pool Pros

Pool Cleaner Suction Side

ATLAS XT by Polaris

MX6 Elite by Zodiac 

Rebel by Pentair

The PoolCleaner by Hayward

Heat Pump of the Year

AquaCal Heat Pump

Heat Pro by Hayward

JE Series by Jandy

Raypak Heat Pump

UltraTemp High Performance by Pentair

XL Series Heat Pump by AquaComfort

30 Under 40 Rookie of the Year—Female

Alisa Gotay, Serrano Construction

Billie Jean Parish, Blue Desert Pools

Lindsey Lawless, Hayward

30 Under 40 Rookie of the Year—Male

Alex Diaz, Peerless Pool Cover

Alexander Jacobs, United Aqua Group

Colton Frabasilio, Presidential Pools & Spas

Max Brown, The Pool Boys

Max Filho, Fort Pools

William Graham, Spa Electrics

Builder of the Year

C&E Builders

Element Pool Company

Endless Summer Pools

Johnson Pool & Spa

Larry Watford Pools

Liquid FX Pools

Melo’s Pools & Outdoors

Oasis Pools

OC Poolscapes

Paragon Pools Las Vegas

Radelli Design

Texas Outdoor Oasis


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