How to Make the U.S. More Resilient to Hurricanes

This short video, created by the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, reminds contractors and producers why we all have a role in promoting concrete as a material that protects our society from the dangers of natural disasters.

Rick Yelton, Editor at Large

February 1, 2021

Jeremy Gregory, executive director of MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub and Aris Papadopoulos, founding chair of the Resilience Action Fund, explained during the World of Concrete 360 Virtual Industry Forum why the concrete industry needs to improve its efforts to insist on resilient construction methods. For more than a decade, researchers at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub have been documenting how concrete plays an important role in providing a more resilient and sustainable world. In the past year, the Hub has released important reports on this subject. The two industry experts explained why these findings are important and what you can do to help spread the news.

They also discussed emerging breakthroughs in concrete science and engineering. These advancements suggest that concrete can be part of the solution when it comes to planning for sustainable development that encompasses economic growth and social progress while minimizing the ecological footprint. And just as important, MIT researchers have documented how these innovations are improving pavement and buildings and are helping grow concrete's market-share.

This short video, created by the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, offers additional insights into why contractors and producers should help spread the message of resiliency.

You can listen to our experts by registering for the Industry Forum and clicking on the tile How Concrete is Contributing to a Resilient and Sustainable World. This was one of 20 Forum sessions that are available to watch on demand through March 30. To register for this session and others, click here. Remember, it's free!

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Rick Yelton

Editor at Large, World of Concrete

Rick Yelton is the Editor at Large for World of Concrete, an Informa Market’s event. Rick is an engineer who has been involved in the concrete construction industry for more than 3 decades

Rick is an active member of several ASTM International technical committees for cement, concrete and masonry. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Concrete and Concrete Aggregates - C09. He is the current chairman of subcommittee C09-22 Materials Applied to Fresh Concrete.

Rick is also active on several technical committees at the American Concrete Institute.

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