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How a Contractor Blended Farmhouse and Log Cabin Looks With Easy UpkeepHow a Contractor Blended Farmhouse and Log Cabin Looks With Easy Upkeep

For this new build, the homeowners sought both styles using low-maintenance products that would last.

Kaitlin N. Schuler

May 23, 2023

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Front elevation of farmhouse-log cabin home
Audree Williams/TruLog

The homeowners of this Great Falls, Montana, project wanted their new home to blend the look of a farmhouse with that of a log cabin. To do that—while also providing the new build with an exterior with relatively easy upkeep—Signature Homes Montana utilized two  product lines and colorways from Colorado-based TruLog Siding. 

These design requirements—coupled with ensuring the home could withstand northern Montana’s harsh winters—led the Signature Homes team to select low-maintenance steel siding products that TruLog says can be “rinsed off with just a garden hose.”  


To bring to life the unique design, the team paired TruLog’s woodgrain steel log siding in western cedar with the brand’s white board and batten steel siding. Using steel products designed to mimic the natural wood look allowed the contractor to give the clients a woodsy look without the higher levels of maintenance needed to preserve natural wood siding. 

“We manufacture TruLog steel siding in our hometown of La Salle, Colorado, so we understand the need for a siding that stands up to high winds, hail, snow, sleet, and extreme fluctuations in temperature,” the company says on its website. 

TruLog also notes that all its steel siding products come with a 30-year limited lifetime warranty and incorporate a coating technology with “infrared reflective pigments, which help reduce the energy consumption” of a home. 

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Editor, Infrastructure & Construction, Informa Markets

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