Constantino Begins Term as ASTM International Board Chair

One of the concrete industry’s own, Cesar Constantino begins his term as the 2022 chair of the ASTM International board of directors. One of Constantino’s goals is to focus on concrete and cement’s contribution to construction's new sustainability future.

January 3, 2022

Cesar A. Constantino, Ph.D., director of business development for Separation Technologies LLC, a Titan America business in Deerfield Beach, Florida has started his term as the 2022 chair of the ASTM International board of directors.  ASTM International’s board is made of 25 leaders from a variety of companies, associations, universities, government bodies, and other organizations around the world.

“I am truly honored to serve as ASTM International’s 2022 chair of the board,” says Constantino. “For nearly 125 years, ASTM has been a world-class organization that leads in international standards development and excels in the delivery of related products and services. I have been fortunate to see ASTM bring together stakeholders from over 140 countries in the relentless pursuit of ASTM’s mission to help our world work better,” he added. My aspiration is to strengthen ASTM’s global cooperation activities and to extend the reach of ASTM in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals coupled with ASTM’s diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.” To learn more about Constantino’s goals for his chairmanship, read Concrete Leadership published by Standardization News

Constantino has been with Titan America, since 2005, serving as a manager of technical services, director of concrete technology, director of process and quality, and vice president of corporate engineering. Before joining Titan America, Constantino worked as a researcher and a consultant both in Panama and the United States.

 An ASTM International member since 2005, Constantino is an active participant on several committees, including cement (C01), concrete and concrete aggregates (C09), and sustainability (E60). In addition, he has contributed to the ASTM Memorandum of Understanding program throughout Latin America. Constantino participates as a liaison between ASTM International and academia, industry trade associations and building code-related institutes, and other standard development organizations. Constantino previously served as a board vice chair in 2021. In addition, he served as a member of ASTM’s Finance and Audit Committee.

Constantino holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a master’s degree in structural engineering, and a doctorate in construction materials all from the University of Texas at Austin.

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