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PSP/Deck+ Keeps Learning, Networking GoingPSP/Deck+ Keeps Learning, Networking Going

Missed the show? Or missed a session while you were there? Get caught up with the new event that provides an opportunity for registrants to network, learn best practices and discover new technology.

Anthony Locicero

December 7, 2021

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PSP/Deck+ is an online opportunity for pool and spa pros to network, learn best practices, and discover new technology.

For those who missed the International Pool | Spa | Patio and Deck Expo (PSP/Deck Expo) entirely or attendees that didn't catch a session while they were there, the show team created PSP/Deck+, a free event that provides an opportunity for registrants to network, learn best practices and discover new technology. 

The event features the show's keynote, as well as sessions—including all-new education—that will be available on-demand through Dec. 20. 

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, the author of "Blue Mind," and Rowdy Gaines, a former competitive swimmer, U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame member, three-time Olympic gold medalist, and member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, provided the keynote.

In his address, Nichols explored why humans are drawn to the water and how water can set our minds and bodies at ease. 

"It feels like this is more than a conference," Nichols told the audience. "Feels like it's a true celebration of water."

Gaines followed with his story.

"I was never perfect by any stretch of the imagination," the three-time gold medalist, 11-time record holder and five-time world champion said. "I failed many times, many times. But when you think about words like dedication and commitment and responsibility and teamwork and setting goals—those are all words that I tried to do consistently and I think that's the keyword for me. I feel like I was consistent in setting the goals of trying to live by those words every day. And when you think about it, it's no different for all of us even today."

New education sessions included:

  • What’s Your Pink Pig? How to Feed and Nurture Your Competitive Clout! (Anne Obarski)

  • Deck Stair Codes and Building Details (Mike Guertin)

  • Enhancing Your Digital Marketing After a Pandemic (Bruce Porter)

  • 12 Company-Crushing Killers That May Be Lurking Inside Your Business Right Now (Brett Lloyd Abbott)

  • Industry Myths of Water Chemistry & Testing Revealed (Wayne Ivusich)

  • Build A Great Place To Work That Attracts & Retains Top Talent (George Hedley)

Obarski's course was about creating a “contagious experience” for your customers that will drive them to your business the first time—and then encourage them to return and spread the word along the way.

The "pink pig" is both real and hypothetical. It refers to a grill/smoker designed to look like a pink pig that Obarski saw at a show. Its appearance, along with some of its capabilities, help it stand out. 

Your "pink pig" doesn't have to be a grill, however.

"That 'pink pig' becomes what sets you apart from other people," said Obarski, who led a session entitled “What Women Want From Your Business" at the live event. "It can be your competitive advantage."

Guertin led several workshops at the in-person show, focusing on codes, installation practices and more.

"Most deck stairways have at least one—and probably multiple—code violations," Guertin said. "Some of them might be just simple code violations. Others are such that the stairs are either dangerous or in imminent danger of collapsing."

Porter highlighted how the industry has thrived despite the pandemic.

"The pool and spa industry exploded to an all-time high," the founder of SWAT Marketing Solutions said. "And it's still growing."

In order to enhance your marketing, Porter advises that you:

  • Fine-tune your website for better engagement.

  • Increase organic traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Practice reputation management.

  • Use sales funnels to manage leads.

The event is ongoing and continues with the remaining sessions. 

Sign up for PSP/Deck+ here.

To read more about the Wednesday sessions, click here.


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