Alex Rapp of Associated Construction Distributors International discusses how construction supply distributors have met the challenge of providing the right products on time for their customers.

January 7, 2022

Alex Rapp, executive director of the Associated Construction Distributors International (ACDI), told Bill Palmer, WOC 360’s editor, that over the last 18 months, the supply chain movement is like that of a long freight train. Once the train is stopped or slowed, it takes time for the cars to get moving at full speed.

The ACDI is a co-operative association of independently owned and locally operated distributors of specialty construction products and equipment with stores across North America. ACDI’s role is to provide technical support and training for their members enabling better contractor services.

Rapp explains how ACDI has embraced virtual training and sessions to keep the learning process moving forward.

Another example of ACDI’s outreach is the 2022 World of Concrete Luncheon and Forum titled “The Value Proposition of a Good Distribution Partner”. Panel members will discuss how distributors have worked with specifiers, manufacturers, and contractors to solve some of the industry’s most complex challenges.

You can learn more about the session by clicking here [THCDL] NEW! Construction Distributors Luncheon & Forum - World of Concrete 2022 (

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