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Uncovering Concrete Contractors' Purchasing Habits: A Breakdown of Buying Trends

If you’re in the business of selling to concrete contractors, understanding their purchasing habits is crucial to your success. In our Concrete Industry Active Buyer Study, we explore purchasing trends and factors they consider when choosing products.

May 22, 2023

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Contractors Onsite Making Decisions
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If you’re a construction supplier, manufacturer or technology company, you know the importance of understanding your customers’ buying habits. Concrete contractors are no exception. A variety of factors can influence their purchasing decisions, and staying on top of trends in the industry can help you better target and build relationships with these important customers.

According to our recent active buyer study conducted by World of Concrete® and The Farnsworth Group, the concrete contractor’s influence is growing earlier in projects. Compared to five years ago, 52% of contractors surveyed said today they have more influence on the specification process and/or selecting brands for the materials used in projects.

Growing Role of Contractor Stat

Knowing that contractors have more influence on brands in today’s marketplace, it is even more critical to stay updated on their buying trends. Our active buyer study explores their current purchasing habits, including owning vs. leasing equipment. In addition to these buying trends, we look at what factors are influencing their purchases. Our study covers:

  • The growing role of the concrete contractor.

  • Equipment, tool and vehicle purchasing trends.

  • Jobsite automation and software trends.

  • Factors influencing buying decisions.

  • The concrete contractor’s outlook.

Having a clear understanding of what your customers are looking for and how they make purchasing decisions can give you an edge in securing more deals. Our contractor survey report will provide you with a competitive advantage by keeping you ahead of the curve.

Download our active buyer study today.

The study was conducted by research firm The Farnsworth Group via online surveys sent to World of Concrete and ConstructioNext (previously WOC360) Concrete & Masonry newsletter/website audience members from Informa Markets Construction.

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