Sales Transformation Group Introduces Latest Product for Roofing Industry

Service Accelerator is designed to accelerate the growth of a roofing service department through practical sales training, coaching, recruiting and proven processes for success in the commercial sector.

January 4, 2022

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Sales Transformation Group

Sales Transformation Group (STG) introduced its latest product for the roofing industry: Service Accelerator. 

The product is designed to accelerate the growth of a roofing service department through practical sales training, coaching, recruiting, and proven processes for success in the commercial sector.

Fifteen years ago, Service Accelerator designer Bryan Mitchell was VP of a local roofing company. 

With only two service trucks that were constantly in demand, Mitchell saw that the company was small but had room to grow. This year, he retired from that company which holds the accomplishment of growing to 37 service trucks. How was this done?

What Mitchell had noticed between when he retired and those 15 years ago when he first started was that the core principles of the roofing company never changed—the business still performed inspections and gave estimates and workers' productivity never drastically changed, nor did the accounting side of the business. What did spark the business's acceleration was the implementation of changes that helped with efficiency and profitability through foundational staff training. 

With the right techniques, sets of tools, and teachers, Mitchell realized that growing and maintaining a larger business is less complicated than it may seem.

Thus, the idea of Service Accelerator was born—a comprehensive, 25-module training program consisting of videos and PowerPoint presentations, supported by coaching, and, most importantly, practical activities to actively grow a roofing service division. 

The course is provided solely by Sales Transformation Group and offers a step-by-step look at running a successful roofing business from A to Z. It covers essential topics from How to Build an Organizational Chart to How to Inspect a Roof.

Many owners or operators of roofing companies are often troubled by the complexities behind deficiency calculations, but Service Accelerator aims to eliminate any confusion in that department as well. 

Included in this training course is Mitchell's own pre-made list of over 130 common detailed deficiency calculations to better understand and predict financial performances—all editable to suit any company's needs.

Sales Transformation Group offers Service Accelerator to both existing roofing businesses and new roofing ventures. As the course is designed to improve and grow a roofing business from marketing to customer retention, Service Accelerator may be applied to any roofing company — large, small, or start-up.

"Bryan's domain expertise in a high-growth roofing service environment is the perfect addition to our platform," said Ryan Groth, CEO of STG.

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