These Exterior Designers Strive to Create Authentic Spaces for Their Clients

In this Fast 5 Q&A, the Fox brothers share their passion for outdoor design and the considerations that must be made to have a successful project.

Margaret Beveridge, Former Associate Editor

August 29, 2022

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Collage of the Fox Brothers working on Exterior Design
Foxxterra Design

Justin and Nate Fox, owners of Foxterra Design, are brothers and exterior design experts. Their mission is to bring creativity and imagination to their client’s exterior space.

I found you guys on Instagram, which is a great way to gain business and interest. How have you found success on this platform and how many jobs have you gotten from being so active there? Do you find Instagram to be your go-to social media for your business?

Foxes: We’ve really just stayed true to our passion—outdoor design—and love sharing that with the world. There’s so many amazing architects and designers and we feel the outdoor space has been overlooked and so we're here to share all the possibilities of what your yard can become. Design is personal and we’ve found showing up for our audience in an authentic way that always goes back to landscape design has really resonated with our audience. Instagram and Tiktok have been our primary platforms to connect with our audience.

You are more than exterior designers, as you call yourselves, which I love. You have a luxury outdoor furniture line and share design tips, trends, and inspiration on your site. Is this where you want your efforts to land, or do you all strive for more? If so, what more do you see yourselves/your brand doing?

Foxes: We are constantly striving to innovate. We are absolutely here to reinvent the wheel when it comes to outdoor design and love to constantly think outside the box. We are open to so many possibilities in the future but are clear that everything we do will align with our vision of elevating the outdoor experience.

The spaces you create look amazing as you stretch your designs to encompass every inch of the backyard. Do you go into a project hoping to incorporate some features that are already there, or do you start with a clean slate?

Foxes: Every project takes into consideration so many factors. What is the client's aesthetic? What restrictions do we have whether they be from the local climate or local building codes? What is the budget? How can we incorporate a wow factor? If this is a remodel, what can we incorporate into the new design and what has to go? All these questions and more have to be answered as part of our design process.

The featured resorts on your website are stunning. Walk me through what inspires you to go all out to produce such high-end luxury results for your clients.

Foxes: Our biggest inspiration is knowing that we are creating spaces for our clients to live their best lives. And that can mean creating a place to have an amazing pool party with the whole extended family and it can also mean creating a zen-like retreat of absolute tranquility. Whether the inspiration is a literal place like Santorini or Tulum or an abstract concept (we’ve had a client mention James Bond and Burning Man in their brief for example) we are here to create that magic for all of our clients.

Can you share what sets you apart from other high-end, luxury designers and why contractors should partner with you to offer to build your designs?

Foxes: We strive to always evolve and innovate. The Foxterra look takes into account the individuality of every client and every space. We love partnering with contractors who want to expand their business and portfolio.


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