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Marco Industries launches Steep Slope Ventilation Division and Python™ product line.

August 26, 2021

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In August, Marco Industries announced the formation of the Python Steep Slope Ventilation Division to focus on the issues of heat buildup and excess moisture in attics caused by inadequate roof ventilation. Marco Industries, a recognized market leader in metal roofing ventilation is leveraging its considerable capabilities in engineering, design and manufacturing to address the many costly issues plaguing the ventilation of shingle roofs. The realities of an aging housing stock combined with newer highly insulated and sealed homes; means the challenges have never been greater. These issues have not been adequately addressed by an industry noted for small changes and low innovation.

Shingle Over Ridge Vents: 

  • Python’s 4-foot plastic FlexFit™ Ridge Vent is field adjustable from 12” to 10” and 9” shingle cap sizes, all in one product making it easy to stock and easy to install on a variety of roofs;

  • Our Python™ Weather-Tite™ Rolled Ridge Vent, in 20-foot rolls, is economical, extremely durable and keeps out rain, sleet and snow with its tiny but dense baffle construction impregnated with a non-wicking polyester composite formulation. Snow Infiltration: Zero;

  • The 4-foot plastic field adjustable Weather-Tite FlexFit Ridge Vent includes our non-wicking polyester, no-clog, no excuses weather barrier that is 99.99% waterproof and tested and will not allow snow, dust, dirt or insects in, period. 

RE_Python_Group_.jpgImpact Tested and Rated Static Vents: 

  • Also included in this remarkable product line are the patented, impact tested and virtually leak-proof Python™ 65 Slant Back Vent offering 65 square inches of Net Free Area with our side crickets, shedding water around the throat of the vent and the 150 Round Vent offering 150 square inches of Net Free Air. 

“The Steep Slope Ventilation Division and Python Branded Products are a natural next step given our manufacturing and ventilation expertise," said Neil Westgarth, president, Marco Industries. "We use the best materials such as no-break polypropylene for injection molded vents or our Python Weather-Tite Rolled Ridge Vent, products backed by Lifetime Warranties. Python is consistent with our brand promise; tested, easy to install, remarkable attic ventilation, lower utility bills, extreme durability, and outstanding warranties.”


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