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5 Hot Tubs for Backyard Sanctuaries

From hydrotherapy jets designed with wellness in mind to the latest chromatherapy and sound therapy features, it’s easy to create a backyard oasis no matter the size or budget.

Katy Tomasulo

December 12, 2022

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As homeowners hunkered down during the pandemic, interest in outdoor living spaces boomed. Creating a backyard sanctuary space to relax meant increasing demand for everything from decks and appliances to fire pits and hot tubs. And with options ranging from compact to luxury and budget-friendly to feature-packed, adding a hot tub to nearly any space was well within reach. Manufacturers haven’t disappointed, continuing to offer a range of features that soothe both physically and mentally. Along with traditional jets, many units offer options for waterfalls, color therapy, sound therapy and aromatherapy. There’s a little something for everyone seeking to create the perfect backyard escape.  

Here are five options to consider.

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Katy Tomasulo

Katy Tomasulo is an accomplished writer, editor and public relations pro who has worked in the construction industry for two decades. She writes about residential and commercial building products and materials and construction trends.

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