As the nation bakes, it’s an ideal time for pool and spa pros to expand their backyard offerings with outdoor misting systems that provide surprising benefits beyond just cooling.

Gary Thill

July 21, 2022

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Summer 2022 is baking large swaths of the nation as temperatures soar past previous records. More than 100 million Americans, from Texas to Kentucky, were under heat advisories or warnings from the National Weather Service this week, while daily heat records could be broken in 14 cities mostly in Oklahoma and Texas, according to various reports.

Amid these sauna-like conditions, it’s a great time for pool and spa pros to start offering customers a new way to stay cool in the backyard. Outdoor misting systems are a great complement to pools or spas or even the backyard experience.

“With a patio misting system, a pump pushes water throughout misting lines and through a series of nozzles, where it is distributed into the air as mist. When the mist encounters warmer air and sunlight, it quickly evaporates. As a result, it leaves the air in the area cooler—sometimes up to 15 to 30 degrees cooler, " explained Michael David Workman of Advanced Misting Systems. "Because of the speed at which this cooling process occurs, you are unlikely to come into direct contact with water vapor. Therefore, you, your clothes and anything you put in a misting system area will not become soaking wet."

Misting systems are often associated with commercial settings such as restaurants, waterparks and amusement parks.

The systems also are ideal features for residential customers for the following reasons:

  • Easy setup. Because they’re simple to set up—a pump, some tubing and careful arrangement of the misting nozzles for optimal cooling—misting systems are something pros can quickly master. 

  • Pinpoint cooling. Misting systems can be strategically placed in outdoor dining areas or other backyard areas to provide a kind of outdoor conditioning system. 

  • Budget-friendly. Although misting systems have often been a component of high-end backyard designs, they’re inexpensive enough to fit many budgets.

While the main benefit is cooling, misting systems have other advantages.

Here’s a deeper look at three key benefits backyard misting system offer that Workman outlined:

1. Efficient Cooling. When the temperatures outside start to rise the last thing you your loved ones, or your customers want to do is spend time outside on a patio or in any other outdoor space. However, with a patio misting system installed, the outdoors can be enjoyed without feeling an excess of summer heat. The mist generated by outdoor cooling systems will help cool down the area, making it an ideal way to beat the heat and enjoy those spaces more often.

2. Insect Control. Patio misting systems are excellent for helping manage warmer temperatures. However, they can also help manage pests in outdoor areas. The mist generated by an outdoor mist cooling system makes it more difficult for bugs, such as bees, wasps, dragonflies and mosquitoes, to fly through. As a result, these kinds of pests are less likely to bother those enjoying outdoor spaces. 

3. Improved Air Quality. Patio misting systems can effectively improve the general air quality in and around an outdoor area. This improvement is because the mist created by these systems raises the humidity levels in a space. As a result, allergens, like dust, pollen and more, have increased difficulty moving through the air. Ultimately, the quality of the air around a patio misting system is healthier. The humid air created by these systems can also reduce the spread of foul odors on a patio or in other outdoor areas. So, not only is the air affected by a patio misting system likely of higher quality, but it is also more likely to smell better.

Pros who are interested in getting into misting systems can easily partner with veterans such as Workman. But they can also simply purchase the systems on their own and do simple installs.

As temperatures show little sign of abating, customers will be only too happy to pay a premium for a cooler backyard—and grateful to pros who help make it happen.

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