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5 Loungers for Soaking—and Soaking Up the Sun

These in-pool deck loungers boast comfort and style in a variety of colors and sizes with handy built-in features.

Katy Tomasulo

March 9, 2023

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There’s a dance that many sunbathers perform: Lounge in the sun, get hot, jump in the pool, get chilly, repeat. In-pool deck loungers on tanning ledges break the cycle by offering the best of both worlds, allowing sunbathers to lie in the sun and the water at the same time. With options ranging from simple to curvy, there’s a lounger to meet every design aesthetic and budget. Some loungers also are available with coordinating side tables and umbrellas to elevate the look and functionality.

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Katy Tomasulo

Katy Tomasulo is an accomplished writer, editor and public relations pro who has worked in the construction industry for two decades. She writes about residential and commercial building products and materials and construction trends.

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