PVC Membranes as a Solution for Pool and Spa Decks

Op-Ed: Installers can use a PVC membrane to renovate the deck area to waterproof and beautify the pool’s surroundings, while covering dangerous cracks.

Matthew Sands, Sales Engineer

October 24, 2022

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As pool professionals continue to look at different coatings options to offer clients for pool interiors, they also are seeking new options for the surrounding deck area. This is particularly important for pool renovations. Once pool professionals renovate the interior of the pool, the deck also should look great to complete the backyard renovation. This is where a PVC pool deck membrane becomes an extremely attractive solution.

Renovation benefits

The use of concrete, stamped concrete, wood and flagstone have traditionally been the primary choices for surrounding pool and spa decks. But once these surfaces become worn and cracked, pool owners are looking for ways to renovate these decks.

Pool professionals should consider adding PVC pool deck membranes to their offering because they provide a long-lasting waterproof solution that doesn’t require recoating and requires far less maintenance than traditional decking solutions. The PVC membrane eliminates the common cracking problems in concrete that occur with freeze-thaw weather. The PVC pool deck membrane not only withstands extreme weather temperatures but is also formulated with UV inhibitors to protect the surface from fading by sunlight.

Additionally, the installation of the PVC pool deck takes far less time than with traditional decking materials. Unlike concrete decks, PVC membranes can be installed at almost any temperature. There is no waiting for the drying of paint, concrete or grout. Residential pool installers will also benefit from the shorter installation times to maximize the number of jobs they can do in a season without waiting for subcontractors or drying concrete materials.

Safety benefits

The deck is often the most dangerous part of the pool. Older, cracked or peeling decks cause injury from slippery surfaces, and cut feet from cracks. Facilities managers who know they have an unsafe deck should consider entirely covering it with a PVC pool deck membrane.

Constructed of 70- or 80-mil reinforced PVC, this flooring can be used in any recreational area where slip-resistance, watertight integrity and long-term ease of maintenance are required. This option is an ideal solution for decks experiencing cracking, flaking, delamination and peeling. The product offers a slip-resistant texture for added safety. 

Installation year-round

Like the installation of PVC membranes on pool interiors, the PVC pool deck membrane is rolled out and welded together onsite to ensure a smooth fit. The process does require some skill, but many suppliers provide onsite training and initial installation assistance to pool professionals that are getting started. Once trained in PVC pool deck membrane installation, the product can be installed year-round on indoor pools and even into the late fall and in early spring in many cooler climates, depending on outdoor temperatures.

PVC membranes can be a great profit center for larger service companies looking to expand their offerings. Available in a variety of colors and textures, this product comes in options to even match the latest outdoor décor. This is an attractive, quick-installation and long-lasting decking renovation solution for pool professionals. 

 Matthew Sands is a sales engineer for RENOLIT, a manufacturer of plastic films.



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Matthew Sands

Sales Engineer, Renolit

Matthew has over a decade of successful experience in the construction renovation sector of Renolit, having worked for one of the most well-known European flooring brands. Matt has been overseen the renovation of several major projects including La Fenice Opera House in Venice, Italy, and LAC Cultural Center in Switzerland.  Mathew can be reached at [email protected]

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