5 of the Biggest OSHA Fines of Q4 2023

One builder faces over $1.8 million in initial citations due to the use of updated instance-by-instance rules.

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February 22, 2024

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OSHA often calls attention to cases where inspections result in hefty fines, as a means of highlighting safety best practices.

The largest cases often revolve around residential builders, usually with a documented history of not providing workers with adequate protection from fall hazards. Repeat citations can drive up the overall initial fines, and one citation issued in the fourth quarter of 2023 utilized an updated rule change that elevated the cost by issuing a citation each instance where there was a violation.

Companies often contest the fines and negotiate with the agency to reduce their cost. 

Here are some of the largest initial fines announced by OSHA in the fourth quarter of 2023:

  • Wagner Construction Inc.

    • Fines: $1,862,284

    • Status: Contested

  • Elite Roofing Services Inc.

    • Fines: $522,527

    • Status: Contested

  • Emanuel Enterprises LLC and ICI Construction Inc.

    • Fines: $315,643 total

    • Status: Contested (Emanuel Enterprises)

  • Elmer Miller

    • Fines: $278,452 total

    • Status: Contested

  • John Oliveira & Sons Stamp Concrete Inc.

    • Fines: $200,905

    • Status: Contested

For more details on these cases, find the full article from our sister publication Construction Dive here.

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