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More States and Cities Require Contractors, Other Employers to Disclose PayMore States and Cities Require Contractors, Other Employers to Disclose Pay

These requirements are growing across the U.S. Is your area one of them? Click to find out.

September 22, 2023

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HR Dive

A new front has emerged in state and local governments’ attempts to address pay inequity. Once an addendum to broader laws restricting the ability of employers to ask about pay during the hiring process, pay disclosure requirements have now become full-fledged, targeted pieces of legislation in a growing number of jurisdictions.

Pay disclosure laws have taken several forms. Some require employers to provide the minimum and maximum pay, or a pay range, for a given job upon the request of an applicant. Others mandate this practice without requiring candidates to ask first. The latest wave of laws now require employers to include this information in all applicable job postings.

Our sister publication, HR DIve, track the states, cities and other jurisdictions that have passed such laws, and offer a brief description of each law’s requirements, its effective date and a link to the original law. The categories by which readers may sort include state name, the area of jurisdiction (statewide vs. locality only) and the disclosure requirements of each law.

To find out if your state or city is on the list, click here.

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