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Christina Tetrick is one of Construction Girls’ “Superstar Women in Transportation & Construction” who have shared their successes in the construction industry on a new web gallery. Their talks are a part of a program design to increase self-efficacy among girls and young women by demonstrating the wide range of opportunities that await them in construction.

Rick Yelton

March 29, 2022

The Transportation & Construction Girl organization, based in Denver, CO. recently launched a web gallery that host most interviews 50 women in the transportation & construction industry.  The posting is one of several activities this non-profit group offers to the construction in Eastern Colorado to promote career opportunities to girls and young women.

In each recording, superstars share how they achieved their positions in their career path.  The interviews feature welders, project managers, and design professionals. According to Keller Hayes, the groups’ executive director, the web gallery showcases the diversity of opportunities that exist for girls in construction.

Keller’s hope is that educators, recruiters, and construction professionals share the superstars’ experiences with teenage girls to let them see and hear roles models in the industry. “Once a girl can see that the opportunities in construction are exciting, they are more likely to take the preliminary step to learn how to be it," said Keller.

Transportation & Construction Girl’s mission extends beyond the Front Range. The group is beginning to receive support from contractors from outside Colorado. To learn more about  www.ConstructionGIRL.org.

Keller encourages you to take the time and share an interview with one the Construction Girls superstars with your daughter, niece, and granddaughter. “Your involvement in their formulative years, might just change a young girl’s life," said Keller.

Here’s the link to Transportation & Construction Girls Superstar videos


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