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6 Ways Roofers Need to Change Lead Gen Tactics Post-Pandemic   6 Ways Roofers Need to Change Lead Gen Tactics Post-Pandemic   

In this Q&A, Brad Yoho, director of marketing at Dave Yoho Associates, discusses the state of lead generation for roofers in 2021, while also analyzing some of the most common mistakes that are made. 

Gary Thill

April 6, 2021

6 Min Read
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When it comes to lead generation in the roofing industry, few names are more well respected than Dave Yoho. His firm, Dave Yoho Associates, is one of North America’s largest, oldest, and most successful small business consulting companies.     
Yoho has appeared in over 100 training videos. He is the author of the best-selling book: "Have a Great Year Every Year" (Oakhill Press). His company developed the sales methods which are used by the most successful people in the in-home sales industry.     

In this Q&A, Brad Yoho, director of marketing for Dave Yoho Associates, discusses the state of lead generation for roofers in 2021, while also analyzing some of the most common mistakes that are made.     

IRE Business Update: The pandemic has changed the way roofers do business in many ways. Post-pandemic how has lead generation changed the most?     

Brad Yoho: The paradigm has shifted tremendously for roofing companies that relied heavily on face-to-face leads as a significant part of their marketing mix. In 2020, shows and events were canceled entirely and many canvassing programs were either stopped or scaled back. As a result, companies invested more of their marketing dollars on traditional strategies such as direct mail and cold calls to prospects, while also concentrating on powerful, proven tactics such as SEO, email marketing and social media.     

IRE Business Update: Some roofers feel like they have too much work post-pandemic. Why do they need to stay focused on lead generation?     

Yoho: There is a well-known saying in business: “Always be hiring." The thought process behind this is that you don’t want to be rushed into a hiring decision in a time of need. The same process can be applied to lead generation. Despite many roofing companies being flush with leads, there are numerous reasons to keep generating them at the same pace:     

  • Leads are critical for revenue, but they are equally important for brand awareness. Lead generation activities attract the attention of prospects that are not ready to buy presently but will have your company at the top of the list when they are ready to move forward;     

  • Lead generation, whether it leads to a sale or not, allows roofing companies to build up their database, which remains one of the most cost-effective marketing tools;    

  • Positive reviews have never been more important. Keeping the lead funnel active increases the odds of gaining positive reviews on Yelp, Google, or other outlets.     

IRE Business Update: What would you say are the biggest mistakes roofers are making when it comes to lead generation?     

Yoho: There are several mistakes we see roofing companies make which have a detrimental effect on lead generation:     

  • Regarding new leads, whether they are from a company’s website, by phone, or in person, frequently, all of the prospect’s contact information is not gathered. In particular, cell phone numbers are sometimes overlooked. Presently, cell phones are often the best way to get a hold of a new lead. Furthermore, they allow for mobile marketing tactics, which will be discussed later;    

  • Every lead should be followed up with immediately, generally within a few minutes. If you are waiting several hours to contact your new leads, you might as well pour your marketing dollars down the toilet. One of the best ways to ensure immediate follow-up is to have live chat capability on your website, as it is one of the best tools for qualifying and nurturing leads;    

  • Most importantly, remember that while you may want to experiment with numerous lead generation channels, it is generally best to start with 1-2 new strategies. Remember, your lead generation activities should not have a detrimental effect on your budget.     

IRE Business Update: Some roofers feel they don’t have time or money to devote to lead generation. What are some of the lowest-hanging fruit or biggest bangs for the buck roofers can use to generate leads?       

Yoho: If you have salespeople, then you should require them to self-generate leads. We recommend a model where salespeople generate up to 20% of their business from leads which they developed personally. It’s also imperative that you teach and enforce referral solicitation as part of the sales plan. With proper scripting, your customers will want to help the salesperson, the company and themselves, especially when you put the time in to develop a simple but creative referral system.     

IRE Business Update: Social media is a powerful lead generation tool. What are the best ways to capitalize on it?     
Yoho: First, it is critical to recognize that pouring your resources into every social media channel is not a wise approach or a good use of your time. Several networks are more effective for B2B companies, and while you shouldn’t necessarily avoid these, it’s best to pour your efforts into social channels that are more effective for B2C businesses. We would rank them in this order:     

  • Facebook;     

  • Twitter;     

  • Instagram;     

  • YouTube;     

  • LinkedIn;     

  • Pinterest;     

  • Snapchat     

 If you have not utilized social media marketing or used it sparingly, the best approach is to start with one or two channels, to begin with. Remember the “80/20 rule”—80% of your posts should be non-promotional and focused on giving people beneficial information. Always use relevant hashtags; this is one of the best ways to build up your list of connections. Share positive reviews from your customers. Finally, if you don’t have the manpower to effectively utilize social media marketing, numerous companies and freelancers can assist you.     

IRE Business Update: Looking toward the future, what are the emerging lead generation techniques that you’re most excited about?     

Yoho: There are several lead generation techniques that roofers should take advantage of over the next couple of years:     

  • Content marketing: Creating valuable and relevant content that targets your potential customers. Examples include blog posts, articles, whitepapers, case studies, “how-to” guides, videos, webinars, podcasts, e-books and infographics. People expect free information these days, and by giving prospects highly beneficial resources they are more likely to request your services or remain loyal customers;    

  • Increased use of video: There are numerous ways to maximize video marketing: Using platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Video, posting powerful videos on your website, utilizing video in your email communications, and creating short videos that target specific prospects;    

  • Interactive website content: Although unique website visitors are still the ultimate goal, there is an increased focus on keeping prospects on your site as long as possible. One way to accomplish this is by adding interactive content like surveys and quizzes that engage visitors while also providing you with valuable sales and marketing information for follow-up;    

  • Increased use of mobile: Mobile usage is continuing to trend up. To take advantage of this, it’s critical to properly optimize your site for mobile visitors. Also, there is a greater level of acceptance among individuals of mobile marketing these days. Experiment with text marketing (first to your core customers) and remember that messaging in this platform should be concise;    

  • Direct mail: It has been making a strong comeback and will continue to do so in 2021-22. Direct mail got a bad reputation years ago because companies were over-utilizing the platform and sending out bland offerings that meant little to nothing to the prospect. However, there has been a shift to many people being appreciative of a targeted, creative direct mail piece.      

Roofing companies would be wise to take note that lead generation trends are constantly evolving, and by next year, there could be significant differences in what yields the best results. However, if you stay on top of these trends you will set yourself up for success in the years to come.    

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