3 Traits That Make a Successful Construction Leader

Transparency, authenticity and forward thinking create opportunities to connect with your team and set the stage for continued success.

Amparo Sancen, CEO

April 18, 2024

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Hispanic Woman heads up construction site using her walkie talkie and blueprints
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What does it mean to be a leader? When I reflect on this question, figures like César Chávez or Dolores Huerta come to mind. However, what inspires people to follow figures like them? Is it that some people are simply born with the gift of charisma and leadership, or is it something learned over time, with those who rise to challenges ultimately emerging as leaders?  

Being a leader is not an easy task, and it comes with a heavy burden of honor and responsibility. A leader—whether of a company, a community or another type of group—must consider others in every decision made.  

In the construction field, being a leader means building trust with people. We're all a team, especially in an industry where we need more Latinos and more women in leadership roles. It's an industry with a large Latino population and with a growing number of women, and having leaders who represent and understand the needs of this community is crucial. 

Personally, I find that I connect well with a wide variety of people because I'm a woman who understands the importance of Latino representation in leadership. Additionally, as the leader of my own company and team, I'm aware that each of my decisions has repercussions, whether positive or negative. My team sees every move and relies on my choices to help us succeed. They recognize my humanity and the possibility of errors, yet also value how I handle difficult and unique situations. How I react is crucial, especially in times of stress.  

Transparency is a core value for me and a quality that has supported my growth as a leader. I've always openly shared my story—from humble beginnings when I was the sole employee of my company handling all the tasks, to now with a team to support the company’s goal and mentors to help guide my growth. Being transparent and authentic has allowed me to connect more deeply with people and share both triumphs and challenges along the way.  

I don't try to present an image that I'm not; my honesty has built trust and loyalty among those on my teams.  

When I think about what makes a successful leader, a quote from César Chávez comes to mind: "We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community." These words resonate deeply with me and with many others in construction.  

I chose to be a leader for my Latino roofing community because, for me, it's not only about personal achievements but about breaking barriers for a group often overlooked in leadership roles. Establishing strong leaders now will help the industry and future leaders flourish too.  

About the Author(s)

Amparo Sancen

CEO, Latinos En Roofing

Amparo Sancen is CEO and founder of Latinos En Roofing. She founded Sancen Contracting in 2006 and relaunched the company in 2018, after a period of working as a subcontractor and gaining as much knowledge as possible about running a successful construction company. Sancen launched Latinos En Roofing when she saw the hunger for learning in her community.

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