In this slideshow, we share the Innovative Product Awards selected by our expert panel of editors and industry judges.


March 16, 2023

4 Slides

Selected by a panel of World of Concrete editors and industry experts, the Innovative Product Awards Expert’s Choice winners stood out from the competition in their ability to aid performance and competence and become the new industry standard in the field. 

In reflection of this, our experts recognized these winning products as disruptive innovations.

Disruptive innovations sweep away old systems or habits and replace them with attributes that recognizably make the product or process easier, safer and more productive. Their introduction or acceptance requires a little longer view in the future, often facilitating other innovations when brought to the field.

 The Expert’s Choice Award winners for disruptive innovations are:  

Click through the slideshow to learn more about these winning product or learn more about the IPA Industry Choice winners and Expert's Choice Sustainable winners.

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