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NRCA Health Care Program Benefits Employers, WorkersNRCA Health Care Program Benefits Employers, Workers

All NRCA members—not just contractor members—can take advantage of the program’s offerings.

Tom Shanahan

October 19, 2021

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Healthy employees are productive employees and employers that prioritize employee wellness may be able to more easily attract and retain skilled workers.

One opportunity for employers to do so is by providing employees with a health insurance program focused on affordable care and cost. 

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) partnered with Vault Health Strategies, Bloomington, Illinois, to bring employers the best, most affordable options the market has to offer.

The NRCA Health Care Program is a new, comprehensive national health care program that can meet each NRCA member’s unique needs and offers multiple coverages and options.

All NRCA members—not just contractor members—can take advantage of the program’s offerings. 

For several years, NRCA, through its Insurance Board of Governors, has been working diligently to offer health insurance programs for members, and many members have taken advantage of these offerings.

However, with constantly changing federal and state health insurance regulations and laws, it has been difficult not only to offer a national program but also one that provides desired coverage options, stays viable with changing laws, and is affordable for members and employees.

After much work, NRCA proudly made available the NRCA Health Care Program. 

NRCA had two primary goals when creating the program: create a comprehensive health care program that addresses members’ individual needs and helps members gain control over their health care costs and employee-benefit programs.

In addition, the program must be competitive and provide ways for members to save money on their health care expenses. 

The NRCA Health Care Program is available to all NRCA members and offers: 

  • Nine guaranteed-issue health care plans for small, price-sensitive companies and those with a high percentage of part-time and/or seasonal employees;

  • Twenty-four level-funded health plan designs for small-sized companies with two to 75 employees;

  • Custom-designed traditional self-funded plans for companies with 50 or more employees;

  • Ancillary and specialty products such as self-funded dental coverage; post-retirement benefits; life, accident and disability coverages; and hospital benefit plans;

  • Captive services for major medical and workers’ compensation coverages;

  • Risk management plans and cost strategies, including:

    • A second-opinion program;

    • Prescription cost-containment program(s);

    • Opiate dependency case management;

    • Telemedicine.

Members can retain their current broker or use an NRCA Health Care Program broker if needed.

Either way, Vault Health Strategies will provide a free consultation to improve members’ existing health care plans or set up new ones. 

Finding and keeping good employees is a challenge for any employer, especially in the roofing industry.

The pay employers offer isn’t the only motivator for attracting and retaining a solid workforce, so members should review how the NRCA Health Care Program can help save money on current health care offerings or add health care components to their employment packages that are unique to their markets and company cultures. 

Additional information about the NRCA Health Care Program is available at nrcahealth.com.

About the Author(s)

Tom Shanahan

VP of Enterprise Risk Management and Executive Education, NRCA

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