83% of Gen Z Workers Are Job Hoppers

Young employees name several motivations behind their work decisions, not just money, including opportunity for growth and flexibility, a study shows.

September 14, 2023

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HR Dive

About 97% of Gen Z workers say work is part of their identity, yet 83% consider themselves job hoppers, according to a report from ResumeLab.

However, for Gen Z, job hopping isn’t a sign of instability. Instead, it’s a strategic way for these workers to diversify skill sets, pursue new challenges, and seek environments that align with their values and ambitions.

“The top three Gen Z work-related goals cover having a good work-life balance, starting their own business, and achieving success and recognition,” Agata Szczepanek, a career expert at ResumeLab, wrote in the report.

“Employers should be prepared that Generation Z workers are not just passive consumers of workplace dynamics but active contributors to a transformative journey,” she added.

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