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10 Keys to Building a Successful Recruiting Roadmap10 Keys to Building a Successful Recruiting Roadmap

Here are 10 insights to help bolster your hiring and retention processes. Companies face more competition than ever when it comes to filling job openings.

Brad Yoho

May 26, 2022

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A substantial labor shortage remains in our industry that shows no signs of slowing. As a result, many businesses find it difficult to hire qualified people who are the right fit for the position and company culture. 


If you are still using the same methods of finding and evaluating applicants that you used several years ago, it is critical to shift your mindset. Understand that you face more competition than ever before for your job openings—both inside and outside the industry. Because of this, you must find ways to communicate the inherent value of the position in your postings and nurture applicants through multiple channels to maintain their interest prior to an interview.

Here are 10 keys to assist you in developing a "Recruiting Roadmap" for 2022:

  1. Never hire based solely on need.

  2. Value every new hire as you would a lead or customer.

  3. Selling the job and compensation package is not enough. What long-term incentives can you offer?

  4. Look for "red flags" on social media profiles or Google search results.

  5. Prepare personalized response templates for e-mail, text and social media.

  6. Constantly measure your response rate and adjust communications as needed.

  7. Group respondents into A, B and C categories based on the best fit.

  8. Always get the best mobile number to reach each applicant.

  9. Consistently present the key differentiators and culture of your company in your communications.

  10. Don't be misled by resumes or claims without validating the facts behind them.

Most importantly, recognize that most individuals seek a position with flexibility, meaning, and the opportunity to grow within the role. To reduce turnover and "mis-hires," you must adapt to the changing marketplace. If you don't, you risk becoming extinct. 

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Brad Yoho

VP, Dave Yoho Associates

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