Rebar-Tying Robot Slashes Time on Bridge Project

The machine fastens reinforcing steel at a rate of over 1,100 bindings per hour.

June 1, 2023

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TyBOT rebar tying machine 6.1.23.jpeg
Advanced Construction Robotics

Construction Dive

A rebar-tying robot recently helped to boost productivity and worker safety on a bridge project in Wisconsin.

TyBOT enabled the human crew from Waukesha, Wisconsin-based rebar subcontractor MKE Iron Erectors to complete work on the IH-39 Structure B-11-166 bridge in Columbia County. TyBOT accomplished 17,823 ties in two shifts in late April across a 7,775-square-foot area. 

Introduced in 2018 by Pittsburgh-based Advanced Construction Robotics, the machine ties reinforcing steel at a rate of over 1,100 ties per hour, per a release. Construction workers typically complete between 150 and 250 ties per hour, according to one estimate.

To read more about TyBOT from our sister publicaiton, Construction Dive, click here.

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