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MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station

Launched at World of Concrete 2022, this updated design features a higher torque mixing unit that enables concrete to efficiently batch flooring materials composed with thicker compounds and heavier aggregates.

Rick Yelton

January 17, 2022

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Contractors placing self-leveling materials and other topping materials need a mixing unit that can speed operations, blend consistent quality batches, and mitigate fugitive dust in the work area. CS Unitec’s updated MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station seems to match these contractor demands.

The MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station now features a powerful 3-speed drive motor that maintains higher speeds, allowing contractors to efficiently batch a wider range of materials used in underlayments, waterproofing, and coatings.

Contractors can count on a boost in job productivity. The mixing area has a large batch capacity, allowing contractors to mix up to six bags (23 gallons/350 lbs.) of self-levelers. On those jobs that call for different layers of materials, contractors can install replaceable liners, increasing productivity by speeding clean-up and eliminating cross-contamination between batches.

And the work area is easier to keep clean. The MEGA HIPPO Mixing Station comes with an extraction port cast into the unit that allows contractors to easily attach their vacuums. The unit also has an integrated hinged canister lid that prevents splatter.

The unit’s slim profile and compact height allow applicators to easily maneuver through doorways and transport between jobsites.

Learn more about CS Unitec’s Mega Hippo Mixing Station.

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Rick Yelton

Editor at Large, World of Concrete

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