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Bosch Pits Corded vs. Cordless in WOC Challenge

During World of Concrete, Bosch conducted a number of demos and competitions, including putting two of its rotary hammers to the test in a face-to-face speed contest.

January 24, 2022

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Bosch Corded vs. Cordless Hammer Drill Challenge_Winners-Edited.jpg

In Bosch’s outdoor exhibit at World of Concrete 2022, attendees got a chance to try out some of the company’s newest tools and accessories. As part of its demonstrations and contests, the company hosted a Corded vs. Cordless Challenge that pitted its corded 1-7/8” SDS Max rotary hammer against its Pro Factor GBH18V-45 1-7/8” SDS-max cordless rotary hammer.

“Our whole mantra has been that Pro Factor, which is our high-powered cordless line, performs at or above their corded counterparts,” Mike Tsiolis, product manager, told WOC 360. “So we hosted the corded vs. cordless head-to-head competition.”

The Pro Factor GBH18V-45, an 18-volt Hitman 1-7/8” SDS-max cordless rotary hammer, delivers 9.3 foot-pounds of impact energy, which the company says is unprecedented for a single-battery 18-volt hammer. It weighs 17.6 pounds without the battery and features BITURBO brushless technology, a high-performance motor and drive-train system designed to provide power comparable to high-demand corded tools.

And that power was on display during the head-to-head drilling challenge, when the cordless rotary hammer went up against the company’s corded RH850VC. The two attendees each tried their hand with the cordless model; in the first face-off, the cordless model beat the corded, and in the second face-off, they finished at the same time.

CordlessDrill_Bosch Corded vs. Cordless Hammer Drill Challenge-Reduced.jpg

“The reason why you saw the GBH 18 V45, our cordless ProFactor, Hitman hammer, outperform the RH850VC is because it outmatches it with impact energy as well as the bpm and rpm, so it's a full mix of how the tool is actually performing to lead it to faster drilling,” Tsiolis said.

Challenge participant Daniel Gaynes, saw the difference first hand. "[There was] a huge difference. The corded drill started up slower, was penetrating slower, an overall completely different feel," Gaynes said. "The [cordless] started up right away, it was way smoother, bounced less, just overall a completely different experience."

The cordless rotary hammer also includes an anti-vibration system, soft-start and controlled rpm and bpm, and an on-tool user feedback interface.

Bosch Pro Factor COrdless Rotary Hammer.png

Learn more about the ProFactor Hitman hammer here.

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