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The World of Concrete 360 Virtual Industry Forum 2021 will help you prepare for the big comeback of 2021. View this important content unril March 31st.

December 20, 2020

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Although World of Concrete 2021 won’t happen in January as originally planned (it will take place June 8 to 10 instead), you can still get some of the great content and insights you would have gotten in Las  Vegas by joining the WOC360 Virtual Industry Forum, through its on-demand feature until March 31, 2021. And it's completely FREE!

The Forum sessions feature great conversations and insights from concrete leaders. It's not your standard webinars. Bill Palmer and Rick Yelton have interviewed a variety of industry experts to help you be ready for the big comeback of 2021. More like a video podcast than a series of webinars. You can watch a short preview by clicking here. Here are a few of the people you will hear from:

  • Jeff Coleman, the leading legal advisor in the concrete industry and current ACI president, will review some of the legal issues contractors face and how to avoid them.

  • Dean Frank and Ryan Smith will discuss how modular offsite construction will affect cast-in-place concrete construction.

  • Bob Haas, economics advisors for Sika, will teach us how to work through the vast amount of economic information that barrage your virtual mailbox each day and sort out what’s makes the difference between profit and loss.

  • Scott Tarr, Neil Roach, and Jon Hansen will discuss flatwork advances, including jointless industrial floors, polishing large industrial floors, and huge exterior industrial pavements.

  • Bill Palmer and Rick Yelton will review some of the innovations that are changing our industry, from admixtures to equipment to new materials.

  • Software and Technology: During the pandemic, technological solutions have become even more important. From education to operations, technology is dictating how we do business. Learn what technology will dominate in the next few years and what new tools are on the horizon.

  • Wayne Rivers and his team at the Family Business Institute will explore the future of smart business after the pandemic subsides—what to do now and what not to do.

Plus a lot more! To registrer, click here. Remember, it's free! If you have questions, contact Bill Palmer at [email protected] or 773-494-4619.

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