Thingsfactory Launches BuildUp!

Thingsfactory has introduced BuildUp!, an intelligent monitoring and alert management system designed to prevent financial, human and operational losses in all types of buildings.

August 13, 2021

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In August, Thingsfactory introduced BuildUp!, an intelligent monitoring and alert management system designed to prevent financial, human and operational losses in all types of buildings. Founded in 2017, Thingsfactory is a Montreal-based company that specializes in developing products using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time monitoring purposes. 

Created using powerful deep analysis and machine learning artificial intelligence algorithms, BuildUp! monitors buildings in real-time and alerts the user immediately when a potentially critical or damaging situation is observed. Examples include leaking pipes, rooftop leaks, freezing or clogged pipes, overflowing containers, machine vibrations, structural movements, electrical overloads or the presence of extreme environmental conditions.



For each type of event detected, BuildUp! warns its users and pursues one of three action scenarios:

  • Recognizes the event and applies a rule or a previously programmed action without user intervention;

  • Recognizes the event and asks for the assistance of the user to determine the procedure to follow. This traditional method of machine learning in artificial intelligence, adapted by Thingsfactory, educates the system in real-time and makes it increasingly autonomous to help reduce response times and losses;

  • Recognizes an anomaly and requires user assistance in describing and categorizing the anomaly. Developed from a deep learning algorithm by Thingsfactory, millions of data collected in real-time and the information provided by users allow the system to recognize irregularities in a sea of information and to act immediately to prevent losses.

BuildUp! is built around the TF-1000 controller that monitors any building critical system and the BuildUp! Artificial Intelligence App that collects data, classifies and analyses the information, and instantly acts by sending notification messages and commands to limit damages.

The web-based application works with mobile devices or PCs via Amazon Web Services. It is self-learning and also learns from user feedback: if the user provides feedback on an event the model learns for the next occurrence.

Best of all, BuildUp! is human understandable–its interface talks “human,” not “tech”–and it integrates with just about anything that communicates critical data.

"Since 2017, Thingsfactory has been using our software expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence of Things to integrate with all hardware sensors to prevent major losses in all building operations. Our first-in-class software platform, BuildUp! is a vertically integrated intelligent building monitoring platform that fits in the palm of your hands. "We are truly proud of our entire team, we make an impact on all our clients by providing safer and healthier environments within the residential, commercial and industrial segments,” said Pierre Gauvin, founder, and executive director of Thingsfactory.

BuildUp! can be installed in new or existing buildings and works with existing sensors and controllers or those specially developed by Thingsfactory.

With more than 100 possible integrations with market-leading DCS, BMS and EMMS and data management software. BuildUp! is an essential element in any operational value chain of the building.

To learn more, click here.

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