TC-50 Conveyor

Developed by contractors for contractors, Stout Conveyors' TC-50 trailer-mounted material conveyor, unveiled at World of Concrete 2022, will prove to be an efficient way to reduce job costs and increase labor efficiency.

Rick Yelton, Editor at Large

January 17, 2022

Handling bulk material on a jobsite is a matter of logistics, pitting operator, time, and material against each other often on small-footprint projects. With the development of Stout Conveyors' TC-50, contractors now have the upper hand on the challenge. Contractors can efficiently place all types of bulk materials, including dirt, aggregate, fresh concrete, and mulch.

The TC-50 is extremely portable, as it can be pulled by a pick-up truck to and on the jobsite. Its Danfoss hydraulic system is powered by Perkins diesel engine for easy operation and maintenance.

The conveyor feed hopper is set up to receive material from dump trucks, skid steers, and jobsite loaders. The hopper has vibrators to ensure smooth flow.

TC-50’s main benefit is its discharge reach. Contractors can place material up to 50 feet from the feed hopper, with the opportunity to sling dry material an additional 10 to 15 feet.

The TL-50’s open design allows easy clean-up and preventative maintenance.

Learn more here about the TL-50 Conveyor.  

About the Author(s)

Rick Yelton

Editor at Large, World of Concrete

Rick Yelton is the Editor at Large for World of Concrete, an Informa Market’s event. Rick is an engineer who has been involved in the concrete construction industry for more than 3 decades

Rick is an active member of several ASTM International technical committees for cement, concrete and masonry. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Concrete and Concrete Aggregates - C09. He is the current chairman of subcommittee C09-22 Materials Applied to Fresh Concrete.

Rick is also active on several technical committees at the American Concrete Institute.

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