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Leveraging the Benefits of the Preconstruction Conference

The NRMCA/ASCC Checklist for a Concrete Preconstruction Conference is a great starting point for discussions between contractors, producers, and testing agencies. Follow along for insights on how you can transform this document into your own checklist.

Rick Yelton

March 31, 2022

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Pre-construction meeting.
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Have you ever wondered how sports officials always seem prepared to get that tough call right?

It’s the result of an effective pregame review of the rules and their game responsibilities. In my more 30 years as a licensed basketball official, I know I’m ready for the contest when the pregame meeting is thorough. We review zones of observation, position-switchings based on ball movement, and how to manage players and coaches at dead-ball intervals.

In my real job as a construction observer on concrete projects, I’ve found out similar positive placement outcomes when everyone is prepared for the task. It starts with a thorough pre-construction conference and a review of the actions and responsibilities about to be taken.

Concrete contractors have a great resource with which to conduct the meeting. The NRMCA/ASCC Checklist for the Concrete Preconstruction Conference was developed by experienced concrete contractors and concrete material suppliers. The checklist has a line item check for practically every aspect of a concrete project. Topics include flatwork, foundations, surface treatments, and placement activities. Each line item was included because an actual jobsite issue that could have been avoided if everyone on the construction team had discussed the issue beforehand.

The checklist is very thorough. Some contractors suggest it has too much information. Many contractors cut and paste many of the line items to fit their discussions on their most common project types.

Over the next few months, I’m developing a series of articles, webinars, and expert interviews that will focus in on specific items outlined in the checklist. I’m hoping to this information will help you develop or update your own preconstruction checklist.

In this series, I’ll attempt to not only state the rules, but explain why the rules were written. We will review the rules using ASTM International references, ACI best practice documents, and ICC Evaluation reports. But in addition to the rules, there are the interpretations of the rules. It’s important to know the current opinions.  

To help me out, I’m reaching out to some of the folks who are researching the concepts upon which the rules were made, writing the rules, using the rules, and judging whether the work performed was within the boundary of the rules. Several of World of Concrete’s popular seminar speakers will be a part of these interviews.

You can be a part of this discussion. Feel free to send me any examples of pre-construction topics you’ve recently had. Or if you want, send me questions you’d like me to ask the experts on the interviews.

And I encourage you to sign for all our live webinars at WOC 360 Pre-Construction Webinar Series.

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Rick Yelton

Editor at Large, World of Concrete

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