Fuel Storage Tanks Offer Relief From Rising Prices

As the price of gas and diesel continues to climb, on-site storage can help contractors reduce costs. Manufacturer Western Global now offers online ordering for its FuelCube and TransCube Global tanks.

Irwin Rapoport

April 7, 2022

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Western Global Fuel Cube fuel storage tank
Western Global

The sharp increase in the price of oil, caused in part by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is having serious impacts on the construction industry, which subsequently is seeking ways to reduce fuel costs. Moreover, the price of diesel has been rising continuously over the last few years.

Jobsite equipment such as excavators can consume a lot of diesel fuel. For example, a CAT 390D, which has a 328-gallon gas tank, consumes 10 gallons per hour at the low end and 20 at the high end; a 336D, with a 164-gallon tank, consumes 5 gallons per hour at the low end and 10 at the high end.

Many general contractors have fueling facilities at their equipment yards and jobsites. This reduces visits by tankers to refuel vehicles, thus minimizing costs, and allows them to purchase fuel at bulk prices to avoid price spikes as conditions continue unabated and impact oil prices daily.

“Purchasing wholesale fuel can save 10% or more on fuel costs,” said Paul Garcia, a project manager with Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Brosamer & Wall, Inc. “On large operations, this can amount to a substantial savings.”

When project specifications allow, Brosamer & Wall will set up above-ground fuel storage tanks in construction yards. “In general, California requires secondary containment systems for the storage tank and refueling area to collect any minor spillage.,” Garcia said. “We usually set these up for off-road diesel (dyed-red).”

Fuel Storage Options from Western Global

Western Global, a manufacturer of transportable tanks and dispensing equipment for the storage and handling of fuels, lubricants, and other fluids, announced on March 15 it can accept online orders for its FuelCube and TransCube Global tanks.

“We are looking forward to seeing the ease and success of how this online option can improve the logistics of our customers’ operations,” said John Cleary, Western Global Americas’ vice president of sales. “This is a convenient resource for our customers.”

“Our fuel tanks allow contractors to independently fuel their fleet and buy in bulk, which is especially beneficial with the rising cost of fuel,” added Ken Steury, director of regional sales at Western Global. “This means crews will always have fuel available and be able to adjust as the fuel demands on their site fluctuate. The opportunity to purchase at a bulk rate and have a steady supply often results in fuel cost savings and reduces the hassle of frequent on-site deliveries.”

The TransCube Global tanks feature 110% fluid containment and are DOT approved. They can store diesel or gasoline, and have lockable equipment cabinets, galvanized frames, and four-way forklift pockets. They come in six sizes ranging from 132 to 1,204 U.S. gallons and offer three pump options.

WesternGlobal Trans Cube Global fuel storage tank

“The tanks can save time and money while reducing risk on busy jobsites,” Steury said. “They are one of the most reliable, flexible, and transportable fuel storage tanks on the market, designed to transport and dispense fuel precisely. Our TransCube Global environmentally secure storage can supply up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously. This system eliminates the risks of downtime and interruption to vital equipment, so contractors can stay on schedule and on top of operations.”

The tanks can be lifted by crane and are stackable, and the inner tanks can be removed for routine cleaning, maintenance, and inspection.

The FuelCube is designed as a compact and stationary fuel tank for on-site supply and refueling for the construction and distribution sectors. They feature integral lockable equipment cabinets for security, double-walled and weatherproof containment, stackable corner brackets for better storage, and two-way forklift pockets for easy mobility when empty.

They are available in four sizes: 243, 528, 1,016, and 1,862 gallons.       

Western Global Fuel Cube fuel storage tank

“On site, even in remote locations, the FuelCube guarantees a consistent, environmentally safe source of fuel, letting contractors run without interruption,” said Steury.

The inner tanks can also be removed for routine cleaning, maintenance, and inspection, and the FuelCube can be stacked when empty.

Western Global tanks have been known to last up to 10 years, depending on the application and environment. The waterproof, fully contained cabinets within the tanks protect pumps, meters, and other components from the elements. Additionally, the double-walled feature with removable primary tanks in the TransCube Global makes cleaning and maintenance easier, which can help extend the tank’s life.

To learn more about these two types of tanks, visit TransCube Global Portable Fuel Tank and FuelCube Stationary Fuel Tank.

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