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Farnsworth: Residential, Commercial Pros Trying New BrandsFarnsworth: Residential, Commercial Pros Trying New Brands

Brand loyalty may be a thing of the past, based on results of a Venveo and Farnsworth Group survey of professionals and DIYers.

July 15, 2021

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The Farnsworth Group

Venveo and The Farnsworth Group surveyed nearly 2,000 industry professionals and DIYers from across the United States to gain insights on what's shifted over the past year in how they research, select and purchase building materials, home improvement, and lawn & garden products. 

The results are available in Farnsworth's annual Building Products Customer Guide.

What was once an industry that relied on brand loyalty and relationships may now be centered on who has the right products at the right time and how they can deliver them, Farnsworth said.

According to Farnsworth, in today’s ever-changing COVID-influenced environment, customers are willing to explore new product offerings, brands and suppliers solely based on availability.

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