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Does Anyone Know of a Good Work Truck Song?

World of Concrete just announced Work Truck Live! for 2023. I’m looking for some appropriate music that shares the message of the importance of these trucks in our lives.

Rick Yelton

July 21, 2022

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Work Truck Live! at World of Concrete
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Most concrete and masonry contractors refer to their work trucks as mobile offices, communication centers, toolboxes, power sources, and often as tools. In summary, after trowels, screeds and skid steers, work trucks are probably a contractor’s most important capital investment for productivity, safety and comfort.

World of Concrete’s launch of Work Truck Live! is driven by the influx of technology truck chassis and equipment manufacturers are introducing into these tools. Bluetooth, electrification and ergonomically designed upfittings are transforming trucks and trailers. Work trucks are more than a good ride to the job.

The event launch is the culmination of a year-long strategic review of how World of Concrete can best serve our industry. By combining our resources with the editors of Modern WorkTruck Solutions, we will be sure to offer you the most current insights on these important tools of the trade. And just as important, Work Truck Live! will inspire manufacturers to display the specialized equipment that focuses on our industry.

A Queuing Tune for World of Concrete

One feature World of Concrete hopes to bring to Work Truck Live! is Ride and Drive. We have invited a host of manufacturers to allow attendees to place their cheeks in the seats of the new models. We also hope to expand the experience by having live demos of the technology.  

And this is why I’m searching for work truck tunes. World of Concrete tasked me with creating a playlist that we can share with attendees as they join the demonstrations and Ride and Drive.

I’ve been searching the web for songs, but all I find are over-the-road tunes or truck love songs. There must be some songs that highlight the pride contractors have in this tool with which they start and end each workday.

If you have some suggestions, send them my way.


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Rick Yelton

Editor at Large, World of Concrete

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