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Crushing Efficiency with Increased Mobility

A towable, portable, jaw crusher enables contractors to recycle hardened concrete with minimum investment

November 10, 2020

Many contractors have been hesitant to invest in on-site crushing of removed concrete. But with the introduction of a new series of what this manufacturer refers to as micro crushers, contractors should take a second look at avoiding the landfill. The Senya 3 Portable Jaw Crusher is designed to give contractors more control of their costs and operations. Its jaw crusher can transform broken concrete pieces of about a 5 to 6 inches into a consistent base course aterial at sizes ranging from 2 inches to ¾ inch. And the crusher’s main operational advantage is its mobility.

Quick Mobility & Set-Up

The Senya 3 is a self-contained unit that can be transported to the job site to job site with a ¾-ton pick-up truck. This mobility is a benefit on sidewalk and pavement replacement projects, since workers can position the crushing unit just behind the concrete breaker, eliminating an operational step of transporting material to a processing site.

Along with mobility, the Senya 3 is designed for easy set-up and operation. Once positioned, the operator switches on the 30 kw electric generator mounted on the unit to power all operations. There are no hydraulics or complicated devices to deal with.  (Contractors can opt for either gasoline or diesel power.)

Another benefit is its remote control operation. Once started, workers feeding and handling the output do not need to be located near the unit.

Easy Operating

The Senya 3’s operation is simple. The feed box’s tipping point allows loading with either a skidsteer or small excavator. Contractors can adjust the jaw settings to maximize production and product quality. And just as important, the same skidsteer can quickly move the crushed material from the output belt. The operator is in complete control of the process. Its electrical control system allows quick troubleshooting, and all maintenance points are at ground level.

Senya Tech, manufacturer of the Senya 3 micro crusher, is an established global manufacturer of a wide array of portable concrete crushers and equipment. Their engineers have used this experience to provide a calculator that allows contractors to determine the return on investment when considering adding micro crushers to their operations. https://senyacrushers.com/section-179-2/

To learn more about the Senya 3, and the other products Senya Tech is introducing to North America, visit their web site at https://senyacrushers.com/

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