Canadian Designer Specializes in Bringing Quality from the Inside Out

In this Fast 5 Q&A, Gord South of Wood Bully Design & Build shares his favorite parts of the process and how the Canadian weather can affect his day-to-day workflow.

Margaret Beveridge, Former Associate Editor

September 7, 2022

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Deck framing by Wood Bully Design & Build
Wood Bully

Wood Bully is an award-winning Canadian design & build company, specializing in bringing the interior quality finish from the house into the backyard. Gord South, owner and founder of Wood Bully, answers my questions below.

1. I reached out to you on Instagram, which is a great way to gain business and interest. How have you found success on this platform and how many jobs have you gotten from being so active there? Do you find Instagram to be your go-to social media for your business? If not, what is your go-to platform?  

Good question. I do find that Instagram is good for marketing and building connections, but my primary social media outlet is Facebook. It’s grown my brand from nothing to being nationally known and recognized. 

2. Your website mentions that you are a NADRA member. How has being a member and winning several awards from it helped your business?

I think clients feel some excitement knowing that the yard I build for them could win an award as well. NADRA is a great concept and I hope to see it get bigger every year. 

3. What is your favorite part of your design and build process?

Everything from the consultation, design, breaking ground to finish day has its moments of joy. I really get a kick out of sharing my ideas for a unique build with my clients and having them appreciate it. 

4. Since you are building the outdoor space in Canada, how does the weather there play into your process and how much of a hindrance is it?

It changes everything—expansion and contraction, frost heave or ice damming. The freeze-thaw cycle is absolutely brutal and unforgiving to us. But we find ways to overcome it and new products that help are being brought to market all the time. 

5. I see that you have a merch store. How successful has it been, and do you find it to be a large part of your brand?

We definitely sell a surprising amount of T-shirts and hoodies, and I’ll be designing some new stuff this year as well. As for growing my brand, it’s hard to say right now. 




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