3 Tips for Elevating Homeowners’ Expectations

BroLaws’ Dave Kenney and Joey Fletcher share ways you can help improve your clients outlook of you and your business in a webinar for Deck Specialist Symposium.

Margaret Beveridge, Former Associate Editor

September 16, 2022

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BroLaws Construction owners Dave Kenney and Joey Fletcher say when people hire contractors, they usually expect the worst. But, during a recent webinar, Kenney and Fletcher said there are three things contractors can do to elevate their clients' expectations and build trust in order to gain repeat customers and new business.

Problem-solve and communicate.

A key part of owning a successful renovation company, they say, is homeowner management—from how you perceive the clients to how they perceive you in the beginning, middle and end of the project.

One of the big things Kenney and Fletcher do is problem-solve throughout a renovation or new construction project. They say if you hold the clients' hands through the issues, show them exactly why they happened, what needs to be done to fix them and communicate any additional costs thoroughly, the difficult conversations go more smoothly.

Think micro and macro.

Micro thinking, they explain, is what's in front of you—what's happening today. Macro thinking is the big picture—what will happen in the coming weeks and months. Contractors must think about both, they say.

Contractors need to focus on what the homeowners need from you, which is part of micro thinking. This will help solidify the relationship between you and the clients and will help ensure their experience working with you goes well. When homeowners find a contractor they trust, they will keep hiring you.

Social media is a huge part of BroLaws' business plan, and what the contractors say is an example of using micro thinking. Kenney and Fletcher say they make goofy videos of themselves while they are on the job and post them on social media. If other homeowners see you having fun onsite, they will assume the project is running smoothly.

They also upload videos of their work because homeowners love seeing themselves and the progress of their projects, which also can attract potential clients.

BroLaws is using social media to try to change the contractor stereotype. Social media gives potential clients a look into who you are as a person and how you manage your company and can increase their comfort level, they say.

Show gratitude.

Clients are investing in your company when they choose you to do their project. Kenney and Fletcher say, at any point during the project, to show gratitude to the homeowners by saying, "Thank you for trusting us to come into your home with the largest investment of your life." Little things like this go a long way with clients and will make your company memorable.

Another thing that will make your firm stand out from competitors is getting to know your homeowner beyond the business aspect of the project and showing you care for the people you are working for.

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