What’s Happening at CIM’s Flagship School

November 29, 2021

It’s an exciting time as the industry celebrates CIM’s 25th anniversary at Middle Tennessee State University. Jon Huddleston, the program chair of the Concrete Industry Management Program at MTSU provides an update in this interview with Bill Palmer.

Huddleston emphasizes an urgency for the recruitment of new students. Even with more than 1000 MTSU CIM graduates in the concrete industry, the demand for more students is as strong as ever. Each MTSU graduate is receiving more than six job offers. “CIM is an important element towards solving the workforce issue,” says Huddleston.

There are two additional exciting happenings. First MTSU has begun construction on a new building dedicated to the CIM program. Second, MTSU’s CIM MBA program is expanding thanks to a new format and lower price point.

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