PSP/Deck+ Offers New Education Sessions for Registrants

Through this free event, sessions—including all-new education—will be available on-demand through Dec. 20.

Anthony Locicero, Associate Editor

December 8, 2021

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PSP/Deck+ is an online opportunity for pool and spa pros to network, learn best practices, and discover new technology.

For those who missed the International Pool | Spa | Patio and Deck Expo (PSP/Deck Expo) entirely or attendees that didn't catch a session while they were there, the show team created PSP/Deck+, a free event that provides an opportunity for registrants to network, learn best practices and discover new technology. 

The event features the show's keynote, as well as sessions—including all-new education—that will be available on-demand through Dec. 20.

New education sessions included:

  • What’s Your Pink Pig? How to Feed and Nurture Your Competitive Clout! (Anne Obarski)

  • Deck Stair Codes and Building Details (Mike Guertin)

  • Enhancing Your Digital Marketing After a Pandemic (Bruce Porter)

  • 12 Company-Crushing Killers That May Be Lurking Inside Your Business Right Now (Brett Lloyd Abbott)

  • Industry Myths of Water Chemistry & Testing Revealed (Wayne Ivusich)

  • Build A Great Place To Work That Attracts & Retains Top Talent (George Hedley)

Abbott led a class covering ways to create marketing that will cut through the clutter and get you noticed. 

"I'm talking about issues that can be lurking in your business underneath the surface," said the owner and chief pool marketing strategist at Pool Builder Marketing LLC.  

He provided 12 "company killers" including fragmented marketing, platitudes, connecting too late in the buying process—and solutions for each. 

Ivusich discussed the most commonly held myths and errors concerning testing for pool/spa water and how to recognize and overcome these misrepresentations. 

"These are the most common myths we hear in our industry all the time," said the manager, Education & Technical Services at Taylor Technologies, Inc. 

Ivusich dispels the notions that experienced operators can detect water quality issues with just the eye test; that spas are just little pools; water samples can be taken from any part of the pool; and more. 

By focusing on building a great place to work, you can find, attract, hire, develop, promote and retain top talent which will allow your company to prosper, Hedley noted. 

"We've got to focus on talent," said the owner of Hardhat BIZCOACH Presentation. "It's got to become part of your program to build a company.  

Hedley noted how in "the old days," employers needed a crew, equipment, customers and sales numbers to hit. 

However, "nobody ever thought about building a great place to work or enhancing employee environment or experience." 

To attract and retain the best people, it's more than just salary, Hedley warns. 

"Money is only a small piece of the puzzle today," he said. 

Sign up for PSP/Deck+ here.

To read more about the Tuesday sessions, click here


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