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Pool Building Insights from a Boutique BuilderPool Building Insights from a Boutique Builder

David Penton, founder and president of Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa and co-founder of the Ask The Masters podcast, discusses the maturing of the indoor-outdoor space and the importance of mentoring via podcasting.

Margaret Beveridge

August 2, 2022

David Penton is a specialist in constructing what he calls estate or multi-million dollar pools. Penton and his team work to bring water elements of these high-profile estate properties to life. He is a regular instructor each year at the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, co-located with Deck Expo and brings nearly 30 years of experience to all the work he does. 

In this exclusive interview with Pool & Spa Professional, Penton shares insights on: 

  • Trends homeowners are embracing 

  • Top takeaways from his Ask the Masters podcast 

  • Why he embraces mentoring, particularly via podcasts

Click the video above to watch the full interview, and check out past Influencer Video Series editions here.

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Margaret Beveridge

Associate Editor, Infrastructure & Construction, Informa Markets

Margaret Beveridge is a skilled journalist with a strong aptitude and experience in writing for the news. She earned her Bachelor of Science in public relations from Appalachian State University and earned a digital media technology certificate from the Carolina School of Broadcasting. She lives and works in North Carolina. 

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