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Handling Concrete Slurry from Polishing or Grinding

Slurry can create problems but these products can help.

January 26, 2021

1 Min Read
Shawn Halverson

Enhance your process on-site by adding SlurryMonster's unique and proprietary blends to your slurry management routine. They have designed their blends to be a faster, compliant, and more efficient way of getting the job done. Not only are the blends unique, they also serve specific purposes, including:

  • LUCID 6-in-1 blend designed to recycle wastewater for reuse while also balancing pH. It also encapsulates metals and separates solids, among many other benefits.

  • Dehydrator is a fast and easy way to solidify slurry, passing both the Paint Filter Test (PFLT) and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test.

  • Dehydrator SF (Super-Fast) absorbs the free water within slurry. It's also silica-free and absorbs 25% more than the competition.

  • Separator transforms your waste into recyclable and filterable matter for proper disposal.

  • Tank Cleaner allows for easy cleaning of your recovery tanks.

Depending on your needs, use one or more of these chemicals for the ultimate slurry management solution. Learn more by going to the Slurry Monster web site.

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