The Pros and Cons of Leasing Heavy Machinery

A cost-benefit analysis to figure out the best financial options for your construction company.

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Alexandr Malyshev / Alamy Stock Photo

As a business leader in the competitive construction industry, you have to set short-, mid- and long-term goals regularly — all of which require careful financial planning. From the projects you take on to the timelines you set, and all the way to the human and equipment resources you need, these considerations can make or break your financial stability.

This is when it becomes imperative to consider whether you should rent heavy machinery for your construction projects. Is renting or buying a better option for you? Should you take a leap and buy the machinery, or should you enjoy added flexibility and rent instead?

Let’s break down all the pieces of the puzzle and look at heavy machinery leasing — the pros, the potential cons, and how it compares to buying the equipment you need.

Here’s what you need to know. Click here to read the read the rest of this story from Construction Business Owner.

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