RB Retail and Service Solutions

RB Retail and Service Solutions

The RB Retail and Service Solutions software was designed and created in 2003 by pool and spa industry professional, Corinne Kraft, and program developer, Rick Brunori. With no other software on the market, the two partners built the software to handle the diversity and complexity of the pool and spa retail, service and construction business. After using the pool business management software in a test market environment at Corinne’s pool store, the partners were asked by a vendor in the pool industry to present the software to other pool and spa dealers, thus the company RBCK Enterprises, Inc. and RB Control Systems was born.

Recognizing the needs of a pool and spa company are different and more complex than other businesses, from 2003 through 2016 Corinne and Rick continued to enhance and further develop the business management software with suggestions and input from hundreds of dealers throughout the United States and Canada. RB has always offered something for retail, service and construction, and taken into account the seasonality of the business. New product lines such as Mobile Live, Water Lab Sync and Online Bill Pay were added along the way to support dealers using the software.

In 2017, Rick Brunori became CEO of RB and the company relocated to a new office in the Pittsburgh area, rebranded, and in 2018 launched the SQL version of the RB software.

In 2019 RB was acquired and is now a part of Fullsteam, a leading software and technology company that owns several specialty software companies across a diverse range of industries.

Since its launch, RB has remained a leader in pool and spa industry software, offering a solution specific to your business. RB continues to proudly serve the pool and spa and chimney and hearth industries, and outdoor leisure companies. Our customers are our most valued asset and we look forward to serving you for many more years to come!

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