Paul J. Jaworski

Paul J. Jaworski

Product Manager, Minnich Manufacturing Company

Paul J. Jaworski is the Product Manager for Minnich Manufacturing Company. Paul has worked in the concrete vibration and concrete batching industries for more than 40 years. His experience includes developing the first Vibrator Monitored Vibration System, Smart Vibrators for concrete paving, and the Controlled Frequency Electric Vibrator (CFV) for vertical commercial concrete placements.

Paul’s current research activity is focused on adapting the VKelly measuring tool for concrete workability variances with support from the Concrete Pavement Tech Center and FHWA.

Paul graduated from the University of St Francis; after earning a BS in Mathematics. Ken is the author of several industry technical papers.

Paul is an active member of the American Concrete Pavement Association. Paul is involved in the American Concrete Institute technical committees, notably serving as Chair of ACI 309 - Guide for Consolidation of Concrete Consolidation.

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